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EGT Commodities is operating globally in the minerals, industrial fuels, metals, polymers and chemical industries. Backed by an outstanding financial portfolio and efficient logistics services, we have all the requirements to facilitate our clients’ business. We are a supplier of minerals particularly coal and coke, Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), with an exceptional access to mines in the Far East, Africa, CIS, Eastern Europe, and South Asia. We also deal with metals such as steel plates, rebar in straight and coil form, hot rolled coil, sections, billets, wire rods, seamless pipes and longitudinally welded pipe. Our products include natural/ synthetic rubber and leather, as well as many other polymers. We are also a distributor of various types of chemicals which are used in the rubber and leather industries.

EGT Health is focused on the marketing and distribution of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as nitrile and vinyl gloves, face masks, sports nutrition supplements, skin care and beauty products worldwide. This division working with globally recognized brands such as Glove, Superior, Cranberry (Evolve), Cardinal 200 Pcs, Orchid. As a privately owned company, EGT is managed by professionals who have continued to lead and empower highly skilled employees with expertise in their specialized fields. With its enduring commitment to innovation and sustainability, EGT is associated with reputable international and regional banking institutions

Our Products


Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)


Palm Oil

Empty Crude Oil Barrels


Copper Cathodes

Copper scrap

PPE ( Personal Protection Equipment)

Medical Equipments

Urea Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer

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